Other Webcomics Rules

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Other Webcomics Rules

Post by fuzzyfoe on Mon Aug 10, 2015 7:02 pm

This subforum is for discussing webcomics that do not have their own subforum.

Global Rules:
1. Your forum name must be your Tumblr URL.
2. Do not post gore or NSFW content unless the subforum rules say otherwise.
3. Be aware that there is a difference between shitposting and spam. Shitposting is funny, but spam is just annoying.
4. Do not advertise your artwork anywhere else besides the artwork subforum.

Subforum Rules:
1. Do not post fandom stuff that already has its own subforum.
2. ALWAYS source your fanart.
3. Do not suggest a subforum for a fandom here. That belongs in the suggestions subforum.
4. Stay on-topic. Do not post Beyond the Canopy in a Paranatural thread.

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